“Women Thinking Creatively”

Some years back there was a sitcom called “Men Behaving Badly”. I don’t know how good the show was (I don’t recall ever seeing it), but a variation on the title seemed perfect for this post.

In her response to an entertaining email about the fact that she had misstated her age, a woman suggested that she hadn’t really “lied”. (Incidentally,  “lied” was her word, not the guy’s, and just for the purpose of further clarification, this is NOT the same situation that was described in the previous post; different woman, different man, different time frame.) In an effort to prove her point, she asked the following question, “Is something a lie if it is disclosed several sentences later in explanation?”

This was just too good to pass up, so the writer composed the following reply.

“Hmmmm, ….. let’s think about that one for just a minute. Okay, …. the whole point of the exercise is for you to avoid being summarily rejected by men whose search parameters are set to exclude women above a certain age. Therefore, the instant your profile comes up in the search results, your objective has been achieved. HOWEVER, since the misrepresentation is cheerfully disclosed immediately after the fact (in your “About Me” section) … it’s not a lie.

Now, let me see if I can come up with an analogous situation. Well, what do you know? I believe that I can. Yes, …. I have one. A man gets a woman into bed by representing that he’s single, but immediately after the fact he cheerfully mentions that he has a wife and kids. Under your criteria, that wouldn’t be a lie, right? After all, the guy didn’t continue the deception until he was “found out”. He disclosed it voluntarily when he explained why he had to race home. Yes …. I’m not only beginning to SEE this, I’m beginning to really LIKE it as well!!!! What a great concept!!  My initial  reaction was that this was going to be a perfect example of what’s referred to in common parlance as “female centric thinking” or “FCT” (with apologies to Gloria Steinem and NOW, of course), but was I ever wrong! This is pure genius. It’s not a lie provided you promptly admit to misleading the other party, as soon as you have gotten what you want, but before your deceitfulness is discovered. This has to be the key to Nirvana, that magic place where complete honesty and perfect relationships happily coexist, and I can’t wait to try it.”

The woman replied with two words, “call me”.



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