“… hand written letters … home cooked meals …”

Every once in a while, a profile resonates deeply and humor suddenly seems conspicuously inappropriate.  This email was written to a woman who had posted such a profile.

“I liked how you described your passions, particularly the way in which you combined the large philosophical principles (“a life governed by responsibility, humor, kindness and gratitude”) with the small personal pleasures (“nice linens, home cooked meals, hand written letters”).

I was impressed that you recognized things like intelligence and being born an American as accidents of birth that one should be grateful for, rather than mistaking them for accomplishments or (even worse) entitlements.

I was struck by the fact that you listed humor, conversation and intelligence as important things for you to find in another person (probably because I believe myself to qualify on all three counts). In fact, most of what you wrote was not only thoughtful, in places it was very moving, a quality that seemed to be magnified by your choice of professions.

Finally, it didn’t escape me that you’re tall and exceptionally attractive, with what appears to be a warm smile (or perhaps “pre-smile” would be a more accurate term, given the instant at which the picture was taken). I’m sure that last sentence sounds soulless, shallow and sexist (probably because it is) and truth be told, I might not have written if you were a toothless troll. On the other hand, I definitely would not have written if your profile hadn’t resonated , which would seem to indicate that it’s not ALL soulless, shallow and sexist. So, despite the fact that I’ve not sent a hand written letter in decades; I’ve never served a home cooked meal, and I can barely imagine myself (or you) at a motorcycle show (I don’t think I’ve even ridden one since college), I still hope that you choose to reply.”

She never responded.


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